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Celestial Herbals


Lightwater, UK

Type of Project

Branding, Website, Product Design


3 months


Celestial Herbals

Key Challenge

Bringing the Celestial Herbals project to fruition was about nurturing a brand that embodies the soulful harmony between human wellness and the natural world.

00. Project Description


At BNDesign Studio, we had the privilege of bringing Celestial Herbals to life—a brand that embodies the spirit of nature's healing powers.

This project was an exhilarating journey from concept to creation, inspired by the founder's lifelong passion for herbal medicine.

With roots deeply entrenched in the fertile soil of the Caribbean tropics, Celestial Herbals is the culmination of ancestral wisdom and a personal quest for natural wellness solutions.

Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of this unique venture through a comprehensive brand and digital experience that truly reflects the founder's vision and the potent efficacy of herbal remedies.


Problem Definition

Despite the rich heritage and proven benefits of herbal medicine, Celestial Herbals faced the challenge of translating this ancient wisdom into a modern context that resonates with today's wellness-conscious consumers.

The primary obstacle was bridging the gap between traditional herbal practices and contemporary digital platforms, ensuring the brand's core message of purity, efficacy, and sustainability was communicated effectively.

Additionally, there was a need to distinguish Celestial Herbals in a saturated market, where the authenticity of natural health claims often gets lost in translation.


Crafting a modern sanctuary for ancient herbal wisdom.

01. Research

Crafting a digital cornerstone for IT automation leadership.

Research and Insights

Our initial phase of research involved a deep dive into the IT automation industry, competitor analysis, and current digital trends to understand the landscape Access IT Automation operates within.

Through surveys, user behavior analysis, and stakeholder interviews, we uncovered a clear need for a platform that not only informs but also engages and converts potential clients.

Insights revealed a demand for intuitive navigation, detailed service descriptions, and accessible contact channels, emphasizing the importance of a seamless user experience to foster trust and credibility among enterprise-level clients.

Solution Idea

Based on our comprehensive research and insights, we proposed a solution centered around a complete overhaul of the Access IT Automation website.

The redesign would focus on a clean, modern aesthetic with enhanced usability features, including a restructured service portfolio, interactive case studies, and a streamlined user journey.

This approach aimed to position Access IT Automation as a thought leader in IT automation by providing a resource-rich platform for potential clients to explore solutions, gain insights, and initiate contact effortlessly.

Digital Transformation Journey

The concept phase was geared towards translating our research and solution idea into a tangible, actionable plan.

This involved mapping out the user experience, defining the visual language, and identifying key functionalities that would distinguish the Access IT Automation platform. By leveraging modern design principles and focusing on user engagement strategies, we aimed to create an immersive digital environment.
Interactive elements, dynamic content, and a mobile-responsive design were prioritized to ensure accessibility and relevance across all user touchpoints.

The blueprint outlined a phased implementation strategy, starting with core pages and gradually expanding to incorporate advanced features like AI-driven support tools and personalized user dashboards.

02. Conceptual Blueprint

Envisioning a user-centric portal for transformative IT solutions.

03. Prototype and Test

Transforming insights into action for unparalleled user experience.

Building the Interactive Model

Once the conceptual blueprint was established, we transitioned into the prototype phase, where ideas began to take a tangible form.

Utilizing tools like Sketch and Figma, we crafted an interactive prototype that mirrored the proposed design and functionality enhancements. This prototype served as a visual and navigational mock-up, enabling us to explore the user experience in a controlled environment. Key features, such as the service portfolio navigation, interactive case studies, and the contact pathway, were developed to closely simulate the final product, providing a comprehensive preview of the redesigned AccessITAutomation platform.

Solution Idea

The prototype underwent rigorous testing with a diverse group of users, including IT professionals, potential clients, and internal stakeholders.

This testing phase was crucial for gathering authentic feedback on usability, design appeal, and content clarity. Utilizing methods like A/B testing, user journey mapping, and direct interviews, we were able to identify areas for refinement and enhancement.

The insights gained from this process informed iterative adjustments to the prototype, ensuring that the final design would not only meet but exceed user expectations and requirements.

Research and Insights

The Iterations phase was a dynamic period of refinement, where feedback from the prototype testing was meticulously applied to enhance the design and functionality of the Access IT Automation platform.

Each iteration was approached with a problem-solving mindset, focusing on optimizing the user experience, streamlining navigation, and enriching content for better engagement and comprehension. Through a series of agile sprints, the project team collaborated closely, making data-driven decisions to fine-tune visual elements, user interface components, and interactive features.

This iterative process not only improved the platform's usability and aesthetic appeal but also ensured that the final product would effectively meet the complex needs of Access IT Automation's diverse user base.

04. Iterations

Evolution through agility: Perfecting the platform with each iteration.

01. Build and Delivery

Transforming clicks into journeys through nature’s healing landscapes.

Cultivating the Digital Garden

In the digital cultivation of Celestial Herbals, our focus shifted towards creating an "Interactive Garden" – a unique, immersive experience that allows visitors to explore the myriad benefits of herbal remedies through a tactile, engaging online platform.

This phase of the project was about more than just building a website; it was about transplanting the essence of Celestial Herbals' physical presence into the digital realm.

By integrating interactive features, we aimed to simulate the experience of wandering through a lush, vibrant garden, where each click reveals deeper insights into the healing properties of herbs.

This innovative approach not only educates but also connects users with the natural world, encouraging exploration and discovery in every corner of the site.



The palette for Celestial Herbals was meticulously chosen to reflect the brand’s foundation in nature and its commitment to authenticity and wellness.

Dark Green Shade (#208EDD) and Pastel Green (#74D978) serve as the primary colors, symbolizing growth, vitality, and the rich diversity of the herbal world. Saddle Brown (#874312) and Desert Riverbed (#d5a884) introduce earthy tones that ground the design in stability and reliability, reminiscent of the earth in which these healing herbs flourish. White (#fff) is used strategically to evoke clarity, purity, and simplicity, ensuring that the website’s atmosphere remains fresh and inviting.

Together, these colors weave a visual story that is as harmonious and balanced as the holistic remedies Celestial Herbals offers.

From vision to reality: Launching a new era of IT automation.


Dark Green Shade


RGB 237, 84, 55


Pastel Green


RGB 116,217,120


Saddle brown


RGB 135,67,18


Desert Riverbed


RGB 213,168,132 




RGB 255,255,255


The creation of the Celestial Herbals logo was a journey into the heart of the brand’s ethos, capturing the essence of nature’s untamed beauty and the ancestral wisdom of herbal healing.

We designed a logo that embodies the balance and harmony found in nature, intertwining the modern with the mystical.

The emblem features a harmonious blend of botanical elements and clean, contemporary lines, symbolizing the bridge between traditional herbal remedies and modern wellness needs.

Anchored by a palette that draws from the brand’s core colors, the logo stands as a beacon of trust and purity. Its design not only represents the brand’s identity but also serves as a seal of quality, assuring customers of the natural, earth-derived potency of Celestial Herbals’ products.

This logo is not just a symbol but a gateway to the enriching, restorative world that Celestial Herbals promises to each customer, inviting them into a realm where wellness and nature coalesce.


In constructing the website for Celestial Herbals, we endeavored to craft an online sanctuary that mirrors the serenity and richness of nature intertwined with the profound efficacy of herbal medicine.

The website’s architecture is designed to guide visitors on an enlightening journey through the world of herbal wellness, with intuitive navigation akin to strolling through a garden of healing herbs.

Utilizing the color scheme reflective of the brand’s identity, the site radiates a calming yet invigorating atmosphere, inviting exploration and discovery. Each page is infused with interactive elements, educational content, and immersive visuals that bring the tangible benefits of herbal tinctures and natural body care products to life.

Responsive design ensures that this digital experience is accessible and engaging across all devices, creating a seamless connection between the user and the holistic essence of Celestial Herbals.

The website is more than a portal; it’s an extension of the brand’s philosophy, a place where users can learn, explore, and begin their journey to natural health and wellness.

Product design

The design process for Celestial Herbals’ inaugural line of tinctures was a meticulous blend of artistry and science, embodying the essence of the brand’s commitment to natural wellness. With four distinct flavors, each small bottle is a testament to the purity and potency of the herbs within.

We approached the product design with reverence for tradition and a keen eye for contemporary aesthetics, ensuring that the tinctures not only promised a transformative herbal experience but also visually communicated the quality and care taken in their creation. The bottle design is sleek and minimalistic, with labels that feature the vibrant colors of our carefully chosen palette, symbolizing the unique properties and benefits of each flavor.

These design choices were made to stand out on the shelf and to convey the product’s organic origins and artisanal quality. Additionally, the packaging was crafted with sustainability in mind, reflecting Celestial Herbals’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

Each tincture bottle, serves not just as a vessel for natural healing but as an invitation to embrace a lifestyle aligned with nature’s rhythms and remedies.

Marketing Collateral

Executed the final build with an emphasis on quality and innovation.
Projects were delivered through an engaging website platform, showcasing BattleforkStudio’s pioneering vision.

From vision to reality: Launching a new era of IT automation.

Visual and Verbal Identity

The logo and brand colors were consistently used in all social media materials, reinforcing brand recognition. Each post, graphic, and video was carefully designed to align with AccessITAutomation’s ethos of innovation and trust, with a clear call to action encouraging viewers to visit the website, read more, or get in touch.

Visual and Verbal Identity

The logo and brand colors were consistently used in all social media materials, reinforcing brand recognition. Each post, graphic, and video was carefully designed to align with AccessITAutomation’s ethos of innovation and trust, with a clear call to action encouraging viewers to visit the website, read more, or get in touch.

Visual and Verbal Identity

The logo and brand colors were consistently used in all social media materials, reinforcing brand recognition. Each post, graphic, and video was carefully designed to align with AccessITAutomation’s ethos of innovation and trust, with a clear call to action encouraging viewers to visit the website, read more, or get in touch.

Achieving Transformational Outcomes

The culmination of Access IT Automation's strategic overhaul across digital, physical, and interpersonal touchpoints led to significant achievements for the client.
Post-launch, the newly revitalized digital presence marked a substantial increase in user engagement, with website traffic surging and social media interactions more than doubling.
The clarity and accessibility of information fostered deeper understanding and appreciation of Access IT Automation's offerings, translating into a marked uptick in qualified leads.

04. Result for the Client

Transforming AccessITAutomation into a digital and market leader, one touchpoint at a time.

03. Project Summary

Harvesting nature’s wisdom to cultivate wellness in every drop

The Celestial Herbals project stands as a beacon of BNDesign Studio’s capability to weave a narrative of nature, wellness, and ancestral wisdom into a cohesive digital and physical presence.

From the ground up, we embarked on a journey with Celestial Herbals to create a brand that resonates deeply with the healing power of the natural world, embodied in every aspect of the project—from the interactive digital garden of the website to the earth-toned elegance of the product design.

Interactive Model & Digital Presence

We transformed clicks into journeys through nature's healing landscapes, inviting users to explore and interact with the rich tapestry of herbal medicine through a meticulously crafted website.

This digital platform serves not just as a storefront but as an educational hub, bridging the gap between ancient herbal wisdom and modern health consciousness.

Logo and Brand Identity

Our creation of the Celestial Herbals logo encapsulates the essence of the brand's commitment to natural, holistic wellness.

It stands as a symbol of trust, quality, and the harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, guiding customers into a realm where wellness and nature coalesce.

Website Design and Experience

The website acts as a digital sanctuary that educates, engages, and empowers visitors.

It's a testament to our design philosophy that marries functionality with aesthetics, ensuring an intuitive user experience that’s as enriching as it is beautiful.

Product Design

The design of Celestial Herbals' tincture bottles—each representing one of four unique flavors—illustrates our dedication to combining form with function.

These products are not only practical vessels for the herbal tinctures but also pieces of art that communicate the brand's ethos and commitment to sustainability and artisanal quality.

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